Sometimes it comes as a surprise to me,  as to why it has taken so long to make me realise something , however it is better late than never to figure out things in our lives and progress because of that. A life lesson that I’ve learnt recently was something I definitely needed to wake up from the current episode I am dealing with and the final hurdle to help with moving forward.
I’ve learnt that there’s a difference between endurance and perseverance. Endurance is waiting around for the problems to blow over, waiting out the pain and the issues to pass by without doing anything about it.
Perseverance is that you keep trying no matter how much you get knocked back. You push forward despite the issues.
As a student, it’s very easy to just endure everything that comes your way,  to just get on with it, and not allow your abilities to become more than what you are learning, however if you persevere , you can see a bigger story to your future, and practice what you aspire to be. I’ve never thought I would get this far in terms of University, and there are times I wish I could give up especially the past couple of months but the end is near and it’s time for me to wake up and keep going.


– Sarah Tsang



For the past four months, it has been a huge struggle for me, that it has got to the point of not being mentally and emotionally capable with a constant lack of energy.  A lot has happened in between those four months and learning to get out of this rut is hard when there are no answers despite how pro-active I’ve been. A lot of people say “everyone goes through things” but a lot of people don’t realise that we all deal with things our own way, emotionally and mentally. Everyone goes through life in their own pace, we are all different.
A promise that I’ve always made for myself, especially the past 7 years, is to not give up no matter how much it feels like that nothing good will come along. This promise has made life a lot more challenging but learning that everything is temporary, your situation is temporary and there are always two ways life can go. It can take a long time for things to figure itself out but no matter how tempting it is  to give up, there is always the nagging question of “what if things do get better?”  Life is for the taking , and things may not be working out right now , however , life can send you on different paths and maybe one day, you’ll be glad that you’re not at that place anymore. Moving on and letting go doesn’t mean you are giving up because both of those things teaches you that there are better things to progress to and that is growing up.

So whatever happens in our lives,  there is always different chapters to wander in to.

Here is a song called Staring at the sun by The Offspring that I’ve been relating to in my life the past 4 months.

“There’s more to living than only surviving. Maybe I’m not there, but I’m still trying”

– Sarah Tsang



On 1st February, we decided to have our main event as a  pop up event in Stratford, East London.  We walked around with our Hug me sign, and little positive cards while wearing out Project Happy t-shirts.
There were a lot of reactions, such as we would overhear people telling eachother that they wanted to hug us but they were already too far away to catch up with them, others looked at our sign with curiosity and people that hugged us with glee and a smile on their faces.
The result of this event was positive and if we were to try again next time, we would have more confidence to talk to people as it was clear that people were constantly curious about us.
Afterwards, we decided to have a little talk about what makes us happy and what is happiness to us.

You can see the pop up event and talk in the video below


– Sarah Tsang


How To Deal With Your Anxiety


Okay, so I’ve never written about this or publicised it before but I thought it might be a good post to link in with this project.

As of a few years ago, I found out what holds me back all the time, why I get so anxious about being in public places and why I cannot stand to be around someone who even feels ill, let alone are actually ill – emetophobia, the fear of sick.

This contributes a great deal to my anxiety levels as well. It got so bad at one point, that I could barely leave the house to walk the dog. I couldn’t go out to meals, to see friends, or travel, without getting incredibly panicked about it.

It took until my mum suggested therapy for me to start doing something about it, to help myself get better. From mid-July 2013 until October 2013 I saw a therapist once a week. She talked through my problems, narrowing them down so she could start suggesting the appropriate techniques for me to help myself with. It helped, a lot.

It seems like a silly thing to have a fear over, to stop your life for, but (and I’ve read other peoples opinions on this too) you literally cannot control what you fear. That person doesn’t want to feel that way; they beat themselves up over the fact that they don’t feel normal – yet other people do not seem to understand. They disregard any mental health issues as something little, as if it isn’t real because it isn’t happening to them as well.


I think we need to appreciate and understand what another individual is going through. No one person feels the same things, goes through the same issues. We are all different.


I’m not saying you can cure your anxiety completely, but there are a couple of things you can do to help improve it.

1) Talk to someone – a therapist (I know it’s expensive and a lot of people can’t afford this; I spent the remainder of my student loan on mine as I didn’t go out a great deal), a friend, a parent, anyone. It will make you feel a tonne better and with them knowing everything they can fully support you.

2) Breathe – taking deep breaths in an anxiety-fueled situation can calm you down dramatically.

3) If you have a specific fear/anxiety, read a self-help book – I can’t recommend Thrive enough. Rob Kelly really nails some useful techniques for a variety of problems. The D.R.E.A.M technique especially helped me – and still does.


4) Push yourself, but in moderation – for me it was getting out of the house at least once a day. I felt this would help me to get used to it, to tell myself there was nothing to worry about. Don’t overdo it though, give yourself a break and reward yourself for your efforts.

5) Reward yourself – when you’ve achieved something you set out to do, no matter how insignificant it may seem to someone else, reward yourself for doing it. Be proud that you have set out to do what you intended.

I’m not saying these will all work for everyone. I mean, even though I have been to therapy it didn’t ‘cure me’. I’m struggling right now again with my anxiety and phobia because I’m stressing about my final year of university. But I know if I keep pushing myself, use what I have learnt, that I will get better again. Everyone has their good moments and their bad ones, you can’t be just one of them forever.

I hope this post can help you or someone you know that is suffering. Don’t give up.


*All images are from google/pininterest

-Katharine Willard.

How To Deal With Your Anxiety

Bake Sale

At the beginning of the week, we gathered together to sell the cakes we’d made on the previous day (which consisted of a very chaotic mess of ingredients, dip-dye and ideas).

We made a whole variety of treats, including – my speciality – mayonnaise brownies (you can’t taste the mayo, promise!), white chocolate cupcakes, carrot cake, banana bread with chocolate frosting, chocolate chunk cookies and chocolate crispy cakes.

Mini cupcakes that unfortunately didn’t make the cut!


We also proceeded to dip-dye our t-shirts a different colour each (blue, red, pink and green) to which we think they turned out pretty well considering it was a bit of a rushed affair!

_MG_4457 _MG_4462

We decided a bake sale would be a good way to raise money and awareness for mental health and wellbeing in students, and overall the day was a success with us raising just over £50! Not bad, considering it was only in the Arts building.


Of course, all of our profits will be going to UMHAN (the University Mental Health Advisors Network) who we had teamed up with a few weeks prior to the bake sale.

We should be going ahead with another bake sale tomorrow with a screening of our Project Happy short film on Wednesday (venue still to be confirmed!)

Enjoy the photos below 🙂

IMG_0855 IMG_0856

IMG_0857 IMG_0858 IMG_0861 IMG_0862 IMG_0863 IMG_0864 IMG_0865 IMG_0866 IMG_0867 IMG_0869IMG_0859IMG_0860IMG_0868IMG_0874

-Katharine Willard.

Bake Sale

The final hurdle

It’s the end of the Christmas holidays, which means it’s back to the grind of work and education for many of us. It can take a while to adjust back to things where all everyone did for the holidays was do nothing except eat, and because of this, a lot of emotions can burst out of nowhere. For some of us, including everyone in Project Happy , we are in our final stretch of our last year of university. For someone like me, the pressure is mounting where I just want everything to be over, however despite that the panic may be  constant, I believe the stress can make you work through it, as it allow you to push yourself because the end is very near.

That’s the positives of knowing that in a few months time, we will be no longer university students and we can do whatever we want with our lives. Yet In order to reach the finished end, we have to take the initiative and learn to see every step towards it.
Make some goals, take each day as it goes as it will be easier that way. Look back to how you were in your first day at university, to the person you are now, even if you don’t think you have achieved in any way, at least know that with your strength and determination , you managed to get to the end.

For a while, I wanted to leave University, I hated every thing about it but I wanted to study something I had a passion for, so with every threat that I made in leaving, one more person kept encouraging me, kept pushing me to believe I can through this and now I’m here and I didn’t think this would ever happen.I can definitely say that i’ve learnt a lot through University, without it, I wouldn’t have met the people that I know now, I wouldn’t have made opportunities and the opportunities that has happened for me, and became ambitious. All these things led to what I’ve wanted to do for the past two years.  It has been a long, frustrating journey, and it always surprises me that managed to get to this point of my life.

It’s not too late to talk to your tutors, they will give advice on your projects/coursework/revision,  there are many options to help you on this final stretch.

See you at graduation.


– Sarah Tsang

The final hurdle

What makes you happy?

Seeing that we are called Project Happy, it is only obvious to ask you all one question.  What makes you happy? It is a question that sometimes takes a while to figure out. It doesn’t have to be something complex, the simple things can make you happy, even the small things. Over the years, I’ve learnt that happiness isn’t a competition, it is state of mind. The longer you pursue it , the more confused and unsatisfied you can become, because you are always wanting more than what you have now. A lot of people talk about searching for happiness but it can take a lifetime to find it.  Don’t worry about that sort of thing, enjoy what you have now, and live life day by day and just consistently find new ways of improving on yourself. There’s nothing wrong with having emotions whether they are negative or positive, you are only human afterall, however  there should be a healthy balance of both so you can build yourself up. So what makes you happy? Is it the sunshine, or your friends?  Whatever it is, keep a hold of that, and know that these are reasons on why it is your time to feel alive.
What makes me happy? Travelling and Concerts puts a smile on my face. Travelling because I get to leave my city of which I’m used to , to a place unknown, with different accents, exploring that place and discovering hidden secrets. Every place that I go to, gives me some kind of inspiration, and lessons that I learn that I can work on when I get home. It is the stress free feeling that brings new motivation and refreshes my mind when I need a break.
Concerts because of the adrenaline feeling that I get from seeing my favourite bands, singing along lyrics with like minded people that love the band as much as I do. It is the interaction with the band members and the crowd that makes it fun. There have been times that in the middle of concerts where I have cried or even have an epiphany on life because I am in the moment and it is overwhelming.
Both of these things are the reasons why they give me that extra kick to keep going in life.
So whatever makes you happy, I hope that it gives you a sense of belonging.

Here’s a song that I feel is appropriate for this blog post and over the years has helped me.

“Spread love like violence”

– Sarah Tsang

What makes you happy?